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          • '27 T Roadster Build
            by: monstergarage87
          • March Art Contest: 1962-72 Muscle Cars
          • 1948 F-1
            by: peewee48
          • 383 Burns Pistons
            by: brad33478
          • Portable Bandsaw Conversion
            by: evintho
          • Bycast Leather Dashboard
            by: staleg
          • Chrome Film and Paint Test
            by: nicamarvin
          • Adjusting Hydraulic Lifters
          • Simple Traction Bars
            by: Stu Cool
          Project Journals
          Small but important progress
          Small but important progress -- More closer, vintage air front system, power... (Long roof)
          Roll bar progress 6
          Roll bar progress 6 -- Here are some pics of the interior patch pieces.... (tuske427)
          Engine replacement
          Engine replacement -- The old engine finally gave up one day, and we... (75gmck25)
          Pics -- pic (Daves30)
          77 Ford
          77 Ford -- ................... (poncho62)
          winter -- April 13 and still snowing. everything is ready... (grapro)
          http://www.carid.com/http://www.carid.com/performance-parts.htmlhttp://www.carid.com/ford-parts/http://www.carid.com/custom-hoods.html http://www.carid.com/powerstop/

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          Adjustable timing tab setup sbc 350 -- Yes ive searched and read alot on this.When i built this engine i had setup tdc on the timing tab very accurately... (AutoMech)
          building a fan shroud? -- I need ashroud for 55 chevy radiator. I know they sell them,but wondered if someone heremight be Making these?Any...(bsa_bob2)
          Optimal Stroke for Big Inch SBC -- My plan is to start accumulating parts for a big inch SBC build over the course of the next year or so.Engine will be...(tyler2you)
          s10 motor mounts -- I have a 1998 s10 with a 4.3 do I need to switch frame mounts to put a v8 in it thanks(1953bigblock)
          clean 9" posi -- Finally pulled the diff out of the 52 Henry J. The posi only works on very smooth,slick concrete. I was amazed by how... (Fang16)

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          Hot rodding the HEI distributor --
          File:GM Performance pn 93440806 HEI distributor11.jpg|thumb|300px||GM Performance p/n 93440806 HEI distributor.This article deals primarily... (Cobalt327)
          Cam and compression ratio compatibility -- Sometimes it's difficult trying to explain to fellows who are new to hot rodding that you have to match the characteristics of the camshaft to the... (Silver Surfer)
          Working with chromed bolts -- When working with chromed bolts always use some white lithium grease on the threads to keep them from locking up or binding when tightening.If your... (Techinspector1)
          General Motors transmissions -- First, a transmission is a way of applying torque from an engine through a differential to a wheel, causingforward (or reverse) motion of a... (Cobalt327)
          Transmission identification -- This page is to acquaint people with the identification of popular North American transmissions based on pan shape, case outline, and OEM numbering.... (Cobalt327)
          Frame swaps -- This subject comes up often and I originally wrote this wiki article for a rodder who wanted to improve the ride, braking and handling... (Techinspector1)

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